Short Term Volunteering


We welcome volunteers to WBK at all times of the year for any length of from  2 to 40 weeks. Short term volunteers act as teacher's assistants and provide support to our permanent staff members. Volunteers will stay in a teacher's house close proximity to our school, and are only expected to cover food expenses  (approx. 300$/month).

Volunteering with us short term is a great opportunity for college students and recent graduates interested in working abroad with a non-profit organization. It is also great exposure for those interested in working with children without the full responsibility (unless you want it) of leading the class and planning lessons.  For those interested in picking up a new language, you will find this environment incredibly immersive, and you will have many opportunities to improve your Spanish! 

Long Term Volunteering

Long term volunteer

The Long Term volunteer commitment in San Pedro lasts about ten months, beginning in late August and ending in mid June of the following year. Teachers have a 2 week break during the December holidays, and 1 week break for Semana Santa (Holy Week). Our school in Villanueva follows the Honduran academic calendar, so volunteers arrive in early February and finish their commitment at the end of November. Our volunteers receive $ 300 for air ticket and a salary of $ 450 monthly. Also receive a food stipend twice a month. Housing and utilities (Internet, electricity, water) are provided by our organization. Volunteers may be called upon to do things that fall outside of the scope of these listed activities.

Administrative Duties

  • Maintain attendance records for all students in your homeroom and inform the office of extended absences
  • File a copy of your weekly lesson plans on the agreed upon schedule.
  • Provide administration with a copy of your weekly class schedule before the week begins.
  • Sign 'Libro de asistencia' upon entering and leaving school each day (required by law).
  • Ensure classroom is open and ready for students at beginning and end of school day.
  • Keep the office informed of any problems or concerns (disciplinary or otherwise) you are having with students.
  • Keep student files updated with the information outlined in Student Files section.
  • Exam Administration Responsibilities
  • Grade exams
  • Collect performance grades from other teachers and prepare Bimestral report cards.
  • Fill out hard-copy of grading spreadsheet.
  • Fill out electronic version of grading sheet - kept on a computer accessible for all.
  • Fill out "Libreta de Calificaciones"

General Responsibilities

  • Facilitate relationships with parents and other community members.
  • Lesson-plan (to be done in a timely manner and submitted for review).
  • Foster a safe and productive classroom environment for students.
  • Serve as a Lunch/Recreational monitor at least once a week.
  • Support your fellow volunteers in school and at home.
  • Serve as an ambassador for WBK by helping to spread the word about our work to your families and friends.
  • Attend all teacher meetings.
  • Ask for help when you need it!

Volunteers also choose to

  • Organize Books and Family workshops.
  • Plan and organize extracurricular activities for students.
  • Attend Parents' Association Meetings (at discretion of Administrator).
  • Participate in fundraising efforts to support WBK program costs.
  • Innovate!