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Walk Beside Me for Knowledge (WBK) is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to providing affordable, quality education in Honduras.

Most public schools in Honduras are overcrowded and underfunded. Private bilingual schools are on the rise, but are often too expensive and lack financial aid. We believe that every child has the right to an education such that they may expand their horizons and perhaps one day change the world.

WBK currently operates two schools: Smart Kids Bilingual School and Coral Springs Bilingual School. Each of these schools is volunteer run, with small class sizes and very low tuition costs. Additionally, we provide scholarships to 30% of our students, and we aim to accommodate all families with demonstrated financial need.

An investment in education pays the best interest.
- Hans Christian Anderson

Children at our schools receive an immersion based bilingual education thanks to our team of international volunteers and local teachers. Students leave with a good command of the English language, a skill which opens the doors to better paying jobs, access to higher education, and other opportunities normally unavailable to them.

Our organization is currently seeking native English speakers as long-term volunteer teachers. For more information about volunteering with us, click here.

Our Schools

Smart Kids Bilingual School

Is a small primary/secondary school located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. We serve about 200 students from ages 4-16 years old. Ever since our opening in 2005, we have continued to empower our students through bilingual education. We normally host 3 international volunteers per year, and our students greatly benefit from Native English speakers.

Coral Spring Bilingual School
Is our second school, which opened in 2009. We currently have 800 students, and we host 4 volunteers at this site. Located in Villanueva, 30 minutes south of San Pedro Sula, Coral Springs is one of the few schools in the neighborhood, and as such our student body is growing rapidly.
Sin el lenguaje no habría habido entre los hombres ni república, ni sociedad, ni contrato, ni paz, en mayor grado del que estas cosas pueden darse entre los leones, los osos y los lobos.
- Thomas Hobbes